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Because your audio needs a happy place to play.

  • Do your partners or clients have a hard time understanding your team on a conference call?
  • Are attendees complaining of the sound in your worship space?
  • Do you need a well-designed studio space?

Nothing can make or break the sound of your performance space, recording venue, or conference room more than room acoustics. You can have the very best equipment, arranged perfectly in a room, tuned by the best, and poor acoustics will still dramatically affect what people hear.

Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to improve a difficult acoustic situation. With our tried-and-tested

we have improved acoustics in churches, production studios, classrooms and commercial spaces just to name a few.

No matter the issue, the process always begins with thoroughly analyzing and testing your acoustic environment. At ADS, we use a Meyer Sim 3. The best analyzer in the industry, it is one of the best tools in our toolbox to allow us to thoroughly and accurately analyze your space.

Once your space is analyzed, we start work on designing a customized solution for the installation of the materials needed. We work with many acoustical manufacturers. Our professional team will recommend the best product options to solve your acoustical issues as well as fit beautifully within your current environment, retaining all aesthetics.

Acoustics that make you go WOW!

Acoustic Design Solutions in Frederick

Have you ever attended your favourite artist’s concert and thought to yourself how different they sound in real life? That’s acoustics in a nutshell. With the power to elevate even the faintest sounds into perfectly audible music or speech, acoustics play a very important role. Audio Design Solutions is an acoustic design consultant that understands your needs and provides expert Acoustic Design Solutions in Frederick and beyond. After spending 20 years in the audio-video industry we know all there is about acoustics and how the lack of it can jeopardize your performance, speech, sermon or recital.

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Soundproofing – Noise Control – Diffusion – Absorption – Vibrations
Room Tone – Echo – Voice Clarity – Sound Masking

Schedule an acoustic consultation today.

Once you partner with us, we work hard to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Some things we do to ensure that are:

  • You approve all phases of the design prior to implementation. We only move forward when you are comfortable.
  • Our designs include innovative, high performance, professional grade acoustic solutions. We partner with many acoustical manufactures and provide a large selection of products to suit your needs.
  • We provide acoustic measurements of your space after installation is complete, detailing your room improvements.

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