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We provide

and the Mid-Atlantic Region on both new and existing commercial AV systems. Customized and comprehensive training is included with all of our design-build installations, so you can easily take ownership of the system you just purchased. If you have an existing system that you or your team would like some guidance on, we are happy to help there too.  Our training is tailored for your system.  We will walk through conceptually how your system functions, as well as the operation of each system component.

A few examples of what we provide specialized training on:

  • Church Sound and Video Systems
  • Conference Room Systems
  • Recording Studios and Video Suites
  • Classrooms, theatre or museum systems
  • Any of our installed systems
  • Most any commercial audio or video applications

Call us to request a customized price quote.  Price quotes are based on how much training you would like to purchase as well as your system components. Bottom line, you don’t pay for any training you don’t need.

Master that AV equipment with our professional training

AV System Training in Frederick

Whether you’re a Facilities Manager of a theatre or an Office Admin Supervisor, there will be times when you will be required to make adjustments to the sound setup during an important performance or conference call. At those times, do you feel a sense of helplessness when your audio console stares back at you? You have nothing to worry about because Audio Design Solutions offers professional AV System Training in Frederick and beyond. With complete knowledge about your audio and video system you can handle AV equipment like a pro and never let a problem become too big.

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, the latest audio equipment has also seen many changes, and Audio Design Solutions will be your one-stop-shop for all your training needs. We not only cater to the equipment we install but can also provide professional training for your pre-installed AV systems.

Our highly qualified team of professionals will first take the time to understand your requirements and then create a customised training program that is built specifically for your needs. Being one of the most experienced Audio-Visual consultants on the east coast, we know how mishandling of audio/video equipment can lead to massive losses. To protect yourself from such a situation, it is always advisable to give yourself and your staff the advantage of professional training.

As each year passes, Audio Design Solutions has been raising the bar higher than ever. With two decades worth of experience, we have provided high-quality AV training to numerous clients who faced issues with equipment handling and sound quality. With this comprehensive approach and superior technological know-how, we’ve built partnerships across the Mid Atlantic and beyond. So if you think that the audio equipment at your facility is getting the best of you, contact Audio Design Solutions, and we’ll be more than happy to train you and your staff on your AV systems.

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