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AUDIO VISUALAudio Visual & Acoustic Design and Installation

Integrating audio-visual and acoustics improvements into a new or existing facility require solutions that are well designed and customized around your end user experience.  Our process of needs evaluation will not only make sure you are getting what you want, but that you are getting exactly what you need.

We know you want a system that is designed and installed well and is backed by an experienced company with a solid support follow through.

We absolutely provide that.

As an AV leader in Frederick, MD, Audio Design Solutions is privileged to have earned the place as a trusted partner with many local businesses.  Let us help you.

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What We Do
Audio Design Solutions designs innovative customized AV systems based around your individual needs and experience. Our certified designers will work with you to ensure an innovative, well designed system. To learn more about AV Design, click here.
Our certified installers execute AV designs installing tight and reliable AV systems that perform well. Our team works with you through our unique process to ensure a high quality end product delivered on time. To learn more about AV Installation, click here.
Acoustic consultation and design is all about making your existing space conducive to presenting your AV system well. A great system in a poor acoustic environment will never achieve its full potential. We analyze your existing space, design and install acoustic products where they are needed and tune your system for optimal performance. To learn more about Acoustics, click here.
We provide competitive pricing on a wide array of high-end professional audio and video equipment and acoustic products. We also offer a GAP Service plan or a Maintenance agreement to extend the life your system. To learn more about Equipment Sales, click here.
Do you and your staff know what all those knobs and buttons do? An audio-visual system can be daunting at times. With our extensive knowledge of signal flow and system integration, we individualize your training and will empower you and your team to navigate your system and operate it comfortably. To learn more about Professional Training & Development, click here.
Things happen, emergencies, equipment failure, power surges or just a gremlin in the bottom of the rack. We have you covered. We offer discount service agreements, preventative maintenance contracts, warranty repairs and on-call service. Even the best systems have issues at times. Call us. We are here to help. To learn more about Service and Support, click here.

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