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Designing and installing audio visual systems for clients and commercial partners

On direct with client design-build projects, we work with you to understand your unique needs, create adaptive solutions and support you after the installation is complete.

When partnering with architects, consultants and contractors, we use a cooperative team approach. We work together to do whatever is necessary to bring a project home on time and within budget. The resulting business relationship that forms, built over time and successful project completions, is something that both parties are excited to repeat.

Engaging ADS for a design-build project provides benefits that include:

  • Single Source Responsibility
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Early Value Engineering

One of the Best AV Integration Company Serving in DC, MD & VA

We at Audio Design Solutions Inc. offer our enterprise clients end-to-end AV solutions with technologies that put them at the vanguard of innovation, pioneering the designs and integration of audio-visual systems to build a state-of-the-art AV infrastructure. We rank among the top audio-video system integrators in the country due to our focus on the quality of user experience and efficiency of our AV systems.

As a renowned AV integration company in DC, we understand the importance of a collaborative effort. A series of consultations are done to understand the client’s needs, during which the scope and timelines of the project are also drawn up.  Our AV systems are designed to be easily used and integrated with other software applications seamlessly. This offers great value to our clients as these systems aid in communication across departments in a time-saving manner. 

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ADS Design-Build Process

Stage 1

Client Site Survey

Sales Design


Contract Acceptance

Initial Deposit

Stage 2

Sales Design Review

Client Approval of:

Engineered Drawings
Programming Scope
Installation Schedule

Stage 3

Project Manager Assigned


Installation Begins at ADS Shop:

Rack Fabrication, Programming and System Testing

Stage 4

2nd Installment Payment Due

Onsite Installation Begins:

Wire Pull, Equipment Install, Testing

System Commishing & Tuning

Stage 5

Client Sign Off & Acceptance of Substantial Completion

Final Payment Due

System Training

As Builts & Final Documentation

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